Business Leadership

Welcome to the world of business. The third activity in the high 5 program is Business Leadership. Here is how it goes: Activity # 1 Business Know How: Research a local business. Figure out it’s mission and what year it was founded. Who are two of it’s competitors? Who is it’s target audience? There is […]

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School Leadership

The second thing to do is School Leadership. This is what you do: Activity # 1  Sparkle and Shine:  Choose a target market (parents, athletes, boys, girls, etc.) and deliver a presentation to them about the positive benefits of FBLA-Middle Level at your school. Activity # 2 School Interview: Interview a school employee with your […]

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Chapter Leadership

The first thing in FBLA High 5 is Chapter Leadership. There are 5 activities to do: # 1 Activate: Become a member of FBLA and recruit 3 members to join FBLA. # 2 Smart Phone: Pretend to create an app about you and how you are going to help FBLA. It must have an app […]

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FBLA Pledge

The FBLA Pledge goes like this: I Solemnly Promise to uphold the aims and responsibilities of Future Business Leaders of America and, as an active member, I shall strive to develop the qualities necessary in becoming a responsible business leader

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What is FBLA?

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. As early as middle school you can learn how to run a business to prepare for the real world. A lot of middle and high schools do FBLA.

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